Royal & Lavish Destination Wedding Opportunities in Jaipur

Indian weddings are one of the most loved events; they are bright, lavish and full of emotions. Weddings in India are filled with rituals and celebrations, and friends, families and relatives enjoy that for several days. Sometimes, in big wedding guests range from 100 to 1000, that means weddings are nowhere a small affair in India. The real significance of Indian wedding is incorporated in the belief of joining of two families through bride & groom who are understood to stay as life-partner for seven life times. Mostly, general customs of wedding are common in Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Christian, Jains, etc. It’s a get together and love-full boding of friends and relatives on the special occasion of inclusion of bride and groom, which comprises a combination of local, familiar and religious traditions.

Arrange and love marriages have been a common tradition on Indian soil, and that is why, for such special occasion, destination of wedding plays one of the most significant roles. Having a lavish, grand and splendid marriage is a wish of all those, who have always dreamt of a royal touch in their weddings, and for all such people, Destination Wedding in Jaipur is the most fitting and fulfilling option that they will cherish for their lifetime. Destination Weddings can be understood as getting married at a very special Venue, a place that can be a Historical Palace, royal hotel, Cruise Ship, Beaches, renowned Temple or a church. Destination wedding in Jaipur comprises many historical palaces and royal hotels that fulfill your longing of royal touch in your wedding.

Some Characteristics of Destination Weddings are:

  • As perfect exotic wedding destinations, people love to go for Heritage properties and Palaces that are enthralling, unique and satisfying. Such palaces offer amazingly appealing beauty and historical background, and additionally, they provide perfect arrangements for all your wedding related requirements
  • Marriage Garden in Jaipur is also a part of Destination wedding in Jaipur, because you will need wedding venues to arrange funcions.
  • Wedding planners use some of the most renowned palaces as your wedding destination, and it is guaranteed that your experience would be out of the world. Planners offer you a chance to get married at some of the best Palaces for your destination wedding in Jaipur
  • Some of these destinations are now heritage hotels, and quite predominantly preferred for organizing lavish events. Rajasthan is known as the most popular tourist region as it comprises historical background, which also makes it one of the most preferred wedding destination in India
  • Either, Jaipur “the pink city, Jodhpur “the Sun city”, Udaipur “the city of lakes”, or Jaisalmer “the land of Sand Dunes”, all include amazing palaces and heritage hotels fitting for destination weddings
  • Shiv Niwas Palace, Devigarh Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Jai Mahel Palace, Rambagh Palace, etc. are the famous wedding destinations of Rajasthan
  • Additionally, wedding planners also advise Jagmandir Island, City Palace Courtyard, the Promenade, etc. You can also find Stylish and charming luxury hotels in Jaipur that are quite preferably loved for destination wedding in Jaipur
  • They comprise an awe-inspiring culture of Rajasthan quite inherently, and along with that they give you an opportunity to relish all the royal luxuries in the most enchanting and gratifying manner


Fulfilling Tour of India with Amazing Golden Triangle Tour Package

For exploring the historical and cultural magnificence of India, Golden triangle tour is one of the most loved tour package, which is widely preferred by the tourists and the travel agencies. The fascinating tour of Northern India is perfectly covered by golden triangle tour that comprises the capital city Delhi, majestic royal capital of Rajasthan ‘Jaipur’ and the beautiful city of Agra. These three cities fittingly offer historical and cultural magnificence that let every tourist feel astonished, enchanted and invigorated.

  • Delhi is widely popular as a combination of style, glamour, class, history, tradition, culture, modernisms, creativity, art and all the other enthralling and soothing flavors of life
  • Agra comprise the magnificent forts and most importantly it has the seventh wonder in the world – The Taj Mahal, which is a monument that offers real love-full pleasure to every visitor
  • Jaipur is also called as Pink City, which comprises the combination of the majestic architectural creations, rich traditions, earthy & urban flavor, art, culture, royal legacies, and so on

The tour is phenomenal in saving time and money, and simultaneously in offering great experiences that you will cherish. Golden triangle tour package is considered ideal for all those who have limited time in their hands as it perfectly offers social, cultural, historical, and religious aspects of the country in the shortest possible time. Tour of Delhi, Agra & Jaipur has always been the first choice of the tourists and starting point of this tour is Delhi, which is known as a city that gives the tourists one of the most fulfilling experiences. Delhi provides an opportunity to see historical monuments like Red Fort, Humayun Tomb, Jama Masjid, Rajghat, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple, Qutub Minar, India Gate, and many more places that are beautiful and offer satisfaction. After Delhi, comes the number of Agra, and you can even enjoy same Day Agra tour by Car from Delhi.

In Agra, you can see seventh wonder of the world, which is known as the emblem of love, The Taj Mahal. It is one of the most loved tourist spots of India and tour package covers all the highlights of city like its rich heritages, Mughal monuments, and many other fascinating places quite satisfyingly. This tour can be extended by adding Golden triangle tour with Varanasi in your package, which will let you travel and get the soothing feel of world’s oldest city Varanasi. This city offers breath-taking experiences to you as it is extremely rich in culture, arts, crafts, and music in the most ebullient and spiritual manner. You get peace at the banks of river Ganges, which let you feel the supreme bliss.

Then comes the third destination of this package, Jaipur, the Pink City that offers amazing mix bag of royalty and cultural richness. It lets you get the foretaste of Rajputana royalty and here, from the very first day, you will get a feel that only a prince has. This tour can be extended by including Golden triangle tour with Udaipur & Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore package in your tour. Mixture of all this will provide you an overwhelming experience, which will act as driving force and compel you to tour India again & again.